Organic Lawn Care

The BeeSafe Organic Lawn Care Program

We also offer The BeeSafe® Lawn Care Program, which creates healthy lawns without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as control products. After many years of research and development and countless hours in the laboratory, we have created an active solution for improving soil microbes. This diverse consortium of bacteria and fungi will not only stimulate the indigenous species of microbes in the soil, but we have also proven that applying this active microbial solution will increase biological activity in the soil to help your lawn reach its full genetic potential without the use of chemicals!

Truly Organic Products

It is important to keep in mind that complete eradication of weeds is almost impossible even with a potent chemical arsenal, but the lawn care industry has increased awareness around the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as they relate to health and the environment. Many consumers want a safe option and the BeeSafe product line is designed with this in mind and we have effectively eliminated synthetic fertilizers and dangerous pesticides from our use. All of our products are based on improving soil biology, thus allowing turf to reach its full genetic potential.

Service you Can Trust

We take our commitment to integrity seriously. When you hire Perf-a-Lawn to care for your property, you expect results and professionalism. With our BeeSafe products, you can be sure we won’t let you down and use products to deliver those results that are different than your average lawn care service.With our BeeSafe program, you can be sure that:

  • We will only use products that are acceptable under the most strict organic standards.
  • We will NEVER use products derived from human or animal waste.
  • Communication and education is key. We promise to keep you well informed about the things you can do to get the most out of your organic lawn.

How the BeeSafe Program Works

We make treatments six times a year, just like the conventional program we offer, we just use different ingredients to achieve the desired results. Round 1 begins in the early spring with a liquid growth activator which is a bio-stimulant derived from kelp. Round 2 occurs in mid to late spring and uses a a biologically enhanced liquid fertilizer. Round 3 in early to mid summer then incorporates an organic bio science powder using a biologically diverse microbial system and plant nutrients. In late summer we re-apply this powder as our 4th round, and the 5th round in the fall uses the biologically enhanced liquid fertilizer again. Lastly, our 6th round in late fall / early winter is a soil conditioner and nitrogen source to prepare your lawn for the cold season.

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