Perf-A-Lawn Programs

Our Traditional 6 Application Program


Early Spring

The first treatment of the year, usually applied in March or April, includes a balanced rate of granular fertilizer with crabgrass preventative. This application is designed to enhance root development while increasing disease and drought tolerance. Our crabgrass preventative is effective for multiple species of grassy weeds . . . not just crabgrass!

Please take note, the crabgrass preventative that we utilize inhibits seed germination. That is why we kindly request that if you are reseeding in the spring please notify us prior to your applications. What we’ll do is switch out your traditional balanced fertilizer with crabgrass preventative, and instead apply a “starter” fertilizer that will help your new seed to germinate and grow strong. Additionally, we will refrain from weed control treatments until you have mowed the new grass a couple of times.


Late Spring

Your Round 2: Late Spring application consists of a balanced fertilizer with crabgrass preventative and liquid weed control. This treatment is designed to not only enhance the look of your lawn, but also helps prevent crabgrass and summer annual weeds.

Crabgrass, the ultimate grassy weed, starts to come out in the summertime when the temperatures at night remain warm. Typically we notice crabgrass germination around the time soil temperatures reach approximately 48 degrees. Once crabgrass makes its home in your lawn, it is very unpleasant and complex to eliminate; although we can kill crabgrass with one application of our specialty product, you will have to live with the bare patch it once occupied. Your best bet is to reseed problem areas in the fall in order to thicken the turf. A tall, dense turf is the best defense against crabgrass and unwanted broadleaf weeds.


Early Summer

Your Round 3: Early Summer application consists of a balanced fertilizer with liquid weed control.

If you are scheduled for a Grub Preventative application this is the round we typically apply it with. If you receive a Grub Preventative please do your best to water it in—most forms of lawn specific insect control are the most effective when watered into the lawn. Nonetheless, we guarantee our Grub Preventative application and should you see signs of grub activity come fall, we will remedy the situation at no cost to you.




Your Round 4: Summer application consists of a balanced fertilizer with surface-feeding insect control and a liquid weed control.

Our fertilizer is a specialty blended, slow-release formula that also contains professional-quality insect control to help combat chinch bugs, sod webworms, and other surface-feeding insects that can stress the lawn even more than the summer heat. The combination of high summer temperatures and a lack of rainfall can do a number on even the most cared for of lawns. Please remember to mow your grass a little higher than usual in the heat, and, if possible, water your lawn! A lawn with nutrients present in the soil will recover more rapidly from heat stress than an untreated lawn.


Late Summer/Fall

Your Round 5: Late Summer/Fall consists of a balanced fertilizer with weed control. This application will typically be liquid, but we adjust our program according to current temperatures and weather patterns.

Fall is a fantastic time to rejuvenate your lawn with a core aeration and overseeding. Why not spring? Well, your new seed will not have to compete with spring broadleaf weed growth, and we don’t have to worry about foregoing the crabgrass preventative in the first two rounds of your program. The core aeration will allow oxygen to reach the root layer of your turf thereby increasing root development & nutrient intake. Help your lawn reach its maximum potential by aerating and overseeding!




Your Round 6: Winterizer application consists of a slow-release, balanced fertilizer specifically designed to improve root development in your turf.

The following contains useful information that explains why and when we perform certain services, how to get the most out of our program, and general maintenance tips:

Perfalawn Tips   Click HERE!

Product Information / SDS Sheets

For more information on the fertilizers and weed control products we utilize to keep your lawn looking beautiful!

Guidelines for a Proper Lawn


Most lawns should be mowed at 3 inches or above on a regular basis, and right up to the point when grass stops growing. Frequency of mowing really does depend on how fast the grass is growing. During peak periods of growth, especially in the spring when it rains more often, this may be a couple times a week. During summer when it heats up and rains less, it may not need mowed at all in a weeks time. If you are mowing on a regular basis, clippings need not removed, but remember to always keep mowing equipment kept sharp and properly adjusted.


While it is obviously important to water your lawn regularly, especially during hot stretches in the summer, it is also important not to over-water the lawn especially around fertilizer treatments. It is best to leave the lawn treatment on any weeds until it is fully absorbed. This process usually requires less than 24 hours though, and while light rain or watering generally does not affect the weed control treatment, we want optimal performance from our fertilizer to keep your lawn looking fresh and green all year long.

Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from the turf area using a core aerator, creating an artificial system of large pores that ferry moisture, lime, or plant nutrients more directly into the soil. Aeration should be performed during periods of cool weather to best facilitate recovery of the grass and is usually done in combination with over-seeding. Over-seeding is done by making 6-8 passes over the lawn with a core aerator, and it is especially important that the seed comes into contact with the soil with space to germinate and develop.

pH Levels

Lime is what your lawn needs! Why Lime? Liming is an important part of a turf management program as your soil’s pH has much to do with the health of your lawn. When a lawn’s pH level is off, it affects your lawn in several ways: it is more susceptible to rapid thatch development, it will lose its vigor, fungi activity will increase, and the effectiveness of treatments used on your lawn will be minimized. Excessive acidity or alkalinity in the soil is proven to be detrimental to your lawn’s root system. Help your soil biology & increase natural resistance to disease by balancing the pH level in your soil with regular spring and fall lime applications. Our lime treatments not only balance the pH level, but also provide valuable calcium and magnesium to your lawn.



If your beautiful lawn is surrounded by conifers chances are your soil is more alkaline than your grass would like! Please take note, lime does not kill existing moss. Instead, lime helps prevent the spread of more moss throughout the lawn by decreasing the soil’s acidity. If you have excessive moss in the lawn you may have a shade problem in addition to an improper soil pH level. We can run a full spectrum soil analysis for you, or simply check the pH—just ask!

What our customers are saying

Perf-A-Lawn always calls first to announce their service date and time.  Their employees/technicians are friendly and do a good job of covering all parts of the lawn.  A report is written with the condition of the lawn and recommendations if needed.  The service price is good and they offer promotions to their customers.  I recommend them for a weed free lawn.
Carol B

I want to let everyone know about this company! Signed up a year ago, best service EVER, best employees, very polite and gentleman like. Today I had the Aeration Treatment; the gentleman who performed this was EXCELLENT…Signed up for another year of service, and hope its as good as this year. Please print a copy of this to all the men who worked at my house this year to show them people really appreciate their service and copies to other area managers and the owners, they hire the best!!!

Pittsburgh, PA

I happened to be home today during Cameron’s visit and please note, as coming from someone who worked in lawn service, Cameron did an exceptional job today. You are lucky to have such a hard worker who cares about the quality of his job!

Frank M.
Erie, PA