Lime Application

A lime treatment is a granular application that will help to “sweeten” the soil of your lawn. The treatment helps to balance out the pH level in the soil, helping your lawn to grow healthier. Lime will also reduce soil acidity and improve the fertilizer uptake in your lawn. We offer a spring and fall lime application; each will help your lawn grow greener. We also encourage new customers to have a lime treatment for the sake of their lawn growing properly.

Grub Prevention

White grubs feed during the warm summer months and often cause extensive damage. They feed on grass, grass roots and garden crops. If your lawn indeed has grubs, other predators (such as skunks, moles, and blackbirds) can often cause further damage to your lawn. The best time to receive a grub preventative treatment would be in the summer and early fall. It is best to find them before they begin to hibernate deep in the soil, preparing to destroy your lawn next year.

Core Aeration and Over Seeding

Core aeration enables your lawn to increase root development as well as reduce thatch build up and soil compaction. Core Aeration is the process of making thousands of small holes into a lawn. The holes allow fertilizer, water and air to reach the root zone quicker, which will help your lawn to breathe and grow. Over seeding will give you a thicker, greener lawn and it also discourages weed growth.

Flea and Tick Control

Want to live more in your backyard with your pets and kids without the worry of pests transmitting sometimes deadly diseases? Our flea and tick control program helps reduce your exposure to fleas and ticks specifically, and our program is designed to eliminate not only active pests in your yard, but also successive generations of new pests and those looking to move onto your property. Let us know any questions you might have about this program to help keep your dogs, cats, and kids safe from fleas and ticks while enjoying your luscious, green yard.

Perimeter Pest Control

This is a program of up to five treatments that provide an insect shield around the outside of your home. It controls such pests as ants, fleas, ticks, spiders, and many more before, they have a chance to enter your home. We apply an insect spray band 6 to 8 feet wide around the foundation and 2 feet up the foundation wall of your home. This application will provide protection for your family and your home from these invading insects. Applications are usually applied in the late spring, summer, and fall.

Total Vegetation Control

This service will help to dispose of any unpleasant weeds and grass that could be growing anywhere from a parking lot, along a fence line, or growing out of sidewalk cracks. Our professional and well trained staff are pros at identifying these areas and ensuring these pesky weeds don’t come back. We want to make sure your lawn looks amazing from early spring to late fall, and our total vegetation control service is important to achieve that goal.

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