Your Round 2: Late Spring application consists of a balanced fertilizer with crabgrass preventative and liquid weed control. This treatment is designed to not only enhance the look of your lawn, but also helps prevent crabgrass and summer annual weeds.

Crabgrass, the ultimate grassy weed, starts to come out in the summertime when the temperatures at night remain warm. Typically we notice crabgrass germination around the time soil temperatures reach approximately 48 degrees. Once crabgrass makes its home in your lawn, it is very unpleasant and complex to eliminate; although we can kill crabgrass with one application of our specialty product, you will have to live with the bare patch it once occupied. Your best bet is to reseed problem areas in the fall in order to thicken the turf. A tall, dense turf is the best defense against crabgrass and unwanted broadleaf weeds.